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Baby Changing Baskets

Hello and welcome to our first Blog post!

I started as a mother of 3 children, I wanted a range of great baby products that will not only last but are beautiful too! I have a real sense of joy at still using great quality products I bought for my first child 12 years ago.

Nouella baby change basket is so versatile can be accessorized your baby. Have you been looking for a stylish alternative to a large plastic pad? then let me introduce our Baby Change Basket. Handmade from Seagrass it has lovely neutral tones to compliment even the most modern decor. Stylish and practical....It has high sides to help prevent baby from rolling when being changed and is long enough for babies and toddlers too. The Nouella change basket has two handles making it easy to move and can be used anywhere in the home.

It has a soft washable pad for comfort and can be accessorized with muslins of all colors to suit your nursery. Large enough for diapers and wipes to be stored in the basket too. It fits most Diaper Changing Stations and has lots of room for growth. Babies through to toddlers love laying, playing and being changed in our basket.

Nouella baby change basket is so versatile and can be used for so many things... With the standard plastic change mats you use them until they look tatty and then throw them away! adding to landfill and taking hundreds for years to decompose. This is not great for our planet! If we can use goods for longer and introduce our children to more natural products from birth then we can hopefully reduce the amount of plastic we produce. The baskets are great for toy storage making toys easy to find for little fingers without being hidden away. They are useful for linen storage, or for setting out toddlers and small children's clothes ready for the next day, helping you to be organized or children themselves them to become independent.

Our fair-trade handmade basket will grow with your child and be a useful investment; long after they have grown out of diapers.

I hope you love your baby change basket as much as we do...

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